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Thank you for visiting Coffee & Water Lab. Every day, we dedicate ourselves to creating unique experiences that elevate the senses and build community.  We do this by embracing the following three brand pillars: 

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Coffee and tea are 98% water. That is one of the main reasons we are so obsessed with water. Each cup of coffee and tea begins with clean, perfectly balanced water to extract optimal flavor and brew the best-tasting beverages.



Did you know that coffee beans are actually seeds from coffee fruit? Complexity and depth of flavor are highly dependent on where and how the fruit was grown, harvested, and processed.  That’s why we select and then roast only the world’s finest quality beans, picked in season at the peak of flavor.

We believe that tea drinkers are also just as obsessed with their favorite tea beverages as coffee lovers are. That is why we only brew single-origin loose-leaf tea harvested from a single source for an un-blended tea-drinking experience that is pure and unique.

For example, our matcha tea is grown in Kagoshima, Japan, located on the southwestern tip of the island of Kyushu. The island has a tropical climate that is ideal for agriculture, but what really makes Kagoshima so special is its volcanic soil that produces some of the best matcha green tea in the world.

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Kagoshima, Japan


We combine artisanal skills with modern technology to perfectly roast and brew select coffees and teas. Investing in and leveraging the latest technology helps us maximize the drinking experience for our guests. Drinks are crafted in front of guests using engaging mixology techniques and the latest extraction technology.  Low-profile equipment allows guests to experience the entire drink-making process.

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