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Quick Cup image

Quick Cup

Brewed on our Ground Control batch brewer.

Pour-Overs image


Light, Medium, Dark




Cold Brew image

Cold Brew

Brewed with Single-Origin Guatemala for twenty-four hours.

Nitro Cold Brew image

Nitro Cold Brew

Made with single-origin Guatemalan coffee beans brewed for twenty-four hours and infused with nitrogen for an extra smooth mouthfeel.

Chocolate Cold Brew image

Chocolate Cold Brew

Guatemala cold brew blended with our homemade dark chocolate sauce.

Maple Cream Cold Brew image

Maple Cream Cold Brew

Real maple syrup is added to our Guatemalan Cold Brew and topped with cream,

Vietnamese Nitro Cold Brew image

Vietnamese Nitro Cold Brew

Guatemalan Cold Brew combined with espresso and condensed milk.

Orange Cream Nitro Cold Brew image

Orange Cream Nitro Cold Brew

Made with our nitrogen infused single-origin cold brew, real orange and cream

Espresso Tonic image

Espresso Tonic

Made with premium tonic, special reserve espresso and dried bitter orange.

Yuzu Lemomade Fizz image

Yuzu Lemomade Fizz

Crafted with yuzu puree lemon, bergamont.

Dragon Fruit Ginger Fizz image

Dragon Fruit Ginger Fizz

Made with a refreshing blend of natural pink dragon fruit and spicy ginger syrup added to sparkling water over ice.

Mojito Fizz image

Mojito Fizz

Crafted with fresh mint leaves, lime and sugar cane.

Single-Origin Espresso image

Single-Origin Espresso

Choose from our medium roast Honduras or Dark Roast Brazil

Special Reserve Espresso image

Special Reserve Espresso

This is the special one with lot's of character.

Americano image


Harmonized water and single-origin espresso.

Cortado (Gibraltar) image

Cortado (Gibraltar)

Equal parts espresso and milk.

Cappuccino image


A 5oz third-wave style drink, made with a double shot of espresso and velvety milk.

Latte image


Single-origin espresso and smooth micro-foamed milk.

Dark Chocolate Mocha image

Dark Chocolate Mocha

Made with single-origin espresso and our dark chocolate sauce.

Honey Seas Salt Latte image

Honey Seas Salt Latte

Crafted with wildflower honey, single-origin espresso and a hint of sea salt.

Lavender Latte image

Lavender Latte

Made with our homemade lavender syrup made with culinary lavender buds.

Madagascar Latte image

Madagascar Latte

Made with our homemade Madagascar vanilla syrup.

Toasted Caramel Latte image

Toasted Caramel Latte

Made with our premium toasted caramel sauce made with black sugar.

Honey Black Sesame Latte image

Honey Black Sesame Latte

Made with imported Japanese black sesame paste, wildflower honey and special reserve espresso.

Loose Leaf Brewed Tea image

Loose Leaf Brewed Tea

Choose from our curated selection of premium single-origin teas.

Honeydew Matcha Latte image

Honeydew Matcha Latte

Crafted with Japanese ceremonial matcha and premium honeydew syrup.

Matcha Latte image

Matcha Latte

Made with ceremonial matcha and homemade Madagascar syrup.

Lavender Fog image

Lavender Fog

Earl Grey brewed with culinary lavender buds and our homemade lavender syrup.

Hojicha Latte image

Hojicha Latte

Crafted with roasted Japanese green tea.

Honey Ham & Swiss Cheese image

Honey Ham & Swiss Cheese

Wild Blueberry Mascarpone image

Wild Blueberry Mascarpone

Avocado Toast image

Avocado Toast

Sweet Cherry Tomato Ricotta image

Sweet Cherry Tomato Ricotta

Bacon Egg & Cheese image

Bacon Egg & Cheese

Mochi Waffle Pops image

Mochi Waffle Pops

Choose from Powdered Cane, Cookies & Cream, or Matcha.



Cookies & Cream




Hot Dark Chocolate image

Hot Dark Chocolate

Made with our own dark chocolate sauce.

Affogato image


Double shot of espresso over organic vanilla ice cream.

Organic Vanilla Ice Cream image

Organic Vanilla Ice Cream

Thai Tea image

Thai Tea

Creamy frozen homemade Thai tea

London Fog Milk Tea image

London Fog Milk Tea

Creamy frozen Earl Grey with our homemade Madagascar vanilla and a touch of bergamot.

Black Sugar Milk Tea image

Black Sugar Milk Tea

Crafted with Taiwan black sugar and our toasted caramel sauce.

Lychee Mojito Tea image

Lychee Mojito Tea

Creamy frozen Jasmine tea mixed with real lychee puree, fresh mint, and lime.

Strawberry Milk Tea image

Strawberry Milk Tea

Creamy frozen Jasmine tea with strawberry puree and cream.

Chocolate Strawberry image

Chocolate Strawberry

Homemade strawberry soda combined with ice cream and our dark chocolate sauce.

Melon Cream Soda image

Melon Cream Soda

Japanese inspired, homemade melon soda with ice cream.

Maple Nitro Cold Brew image

Maple Nitro Cold Brew

Our smooth nitro cold brew with real maple syrup and ice cream.

Orange (creamsicle) Nitro Cold Brew image

Orange (creamsicle) Nitro Cold Brew

Our smooth nitro cold brew real orange and ice cream.

Vietnamese Coffee Nitro  image

Vietnamese Coffee Nitro

We float vanilla ice cream on top of our signature Vietnamese nitro cold brew.

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